Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is Youth Work

What are you studying at school?
Youth Development!
Youth Development? What is Youth Development?

Youth Development is a collection of courses covering the areas of education, social work and non-profit studies. The courses are selected to give Youth Workers the best tools and toolbox to create a positive and flourishing atmosphere for the youth we encounter. The education courses provide areas of expertise pertaining a child's growth, milestones and how they learn. The social work classes provide a larger understanding of ethics and learning about one's beliefs. Most Youth Development majors will eventually be working in the non-profit world and receiving a non-profit certificate gives every Youth Development major an insight into the non-profit world. Non-profit classes cover areas of finance, HR and overall organization work. Each of these three focus areas are combined together to create Youth Development.
Youth Development gives me the chance to impact lives and help youth without having to follow the strict criteria and regulations of a classroom. State requirements, to me, are like a choke hold and Youth Development is a way to break away from that. Obviously working with youth has all the same regulations regarding the safety and well-being of the youth, but allows lessons to be taught in a less conventional, a-line way. There are fewer limitations to how a youth worker can teach and impact children. Being a Youth Work will be more rewarding to me knowing I will not have to put my youth through unbearable standardize testing and be able to achieve our goals in a way that is fun and resourceful. Youth work is more than just teaching, it is a resource to youth and can change their lives.
Youth work gives facilitators a chance to provide unconventional resources to youth. With school systems having so many regulations and set-backs, youth work can allow youth and youth workers to break down that third wall and create a closer bond and understanding than some teachers and students. Youth should choose whether or not to be involved with youth work. They have a choice to be impacted through Youth Work, unlike in school. “The sanctity of the voluntary principle; the freedom for young people to enter into and withdraw from Youth Work as they so wish”. Youth work allows youth to hold more power than in most areas of their life and this is one of the greatest things about Youth Work. We have an impact because they choose to allow us to be in their lives and impact them.
Youth work is working WITH youth, not TO youth!
“It ought to be founded on a voluntary engagement with young people in their leisure time. It ought to be informal and educational, focused on the personal, social and political awareness of the young people drawn to its provision”

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  1. This is an excellent piece representing our program. This elevator speech will help us all by creating growth for the future within our Youth Development Program.